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We hired The Maids to do a bi-weekly cleaning of our house as we're getting old and don't have the time. The people are polite, and they do clean well.

But the main issue was that they left the place in shambles. They would clean a countertop in the kitchen, shift the stuff left, clean, shift it right, clean and walk away leaving everything piled on the right side. They would dust the blinds and walk away leaving them look like 5 year olds were playing with them. The person vacuming would push furniture and smaller objects into nooks and corners while vacuming then leave it there.

We'd come home from work, and have to spend 30 minutes putting things back into their place. Also, on several occasions, the house was left unlocked for anyone to walk right in and rob us blinid. We made a few complaints to our local Delaware office, and even sent photos to back up what we were saying. Things improved a little for one week then they were back to the same old routine.

We had to fire them, and whats scary is that they were like oh, ok what ever. Didn't give a hoot basically. Guess they do have too much business, and the teams have to rush through the jobs.

If you don't mind putting everything bck in its place when you get home, they did clean well, and rarely missed anything.

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Danbury, Connecticut, United States #722116

They are definately not to be trusted. They shifted my date around and around, and when I didn't agree, they tried to charge me for a 48 hr.

cancellation? I never heard of such a thing, nor did I ever pay it. My bank said it was stealing, and I believe this to be true.

Plus, they were always late, and I had to have them redo the vacuuming. It was no convenience at all.

Every time there was a problem, or difficulty. Not worth the money, and the relationship was awful.

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