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I had a horrible experience with The Maids, Suwanee GA francise. I purchased a cleaning as a present for my sister with specific instructions about not wanting this to cost my sister anything, as this was a gift.

This was also after discussing the cleaning specifics in great detail and paying more for The Maids compared to other quotes from cleaning services in the area. The maids showed up and put my sister on the spot telling her that it would cost more than I had purchased and made her write them a check. I was horrified at the response from Rica, the franchise owner, when I called to discuss the situation. She was the rudest person I have ever dealt with on the phone, she literally screamed at me.

She does not understand the meaning of customer service. Please do not use this service, and I would appreciate anyone reading this to tell anyone they know looking for a house cleaner not to ever use The Maids in Suwanne, GA.

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Looks like Rica also goes by the name Lydia.



I respect your opinion. To explain further, the part of the house that was cleaned, the cleaners did a very good job, that is not in dispute. However, despite the details of the consultation being discussed in depth, the actual bill she was charged was higher than quoted AND left off an entire floor of her house, of which was part of the original consultation and quote. Two whammies.

Also, I spoke with Rica more than once, and she was horribly unprofessional each time, so I can safely assume this was not just a "bad day". After discussing many alternative options with her (a credit towards future service if I booked it now, giving the cleaners the extra money collected as a tip instead of pocketing it herself, etc), she met each one with a confrontational, negative response.

I tend to be a softy when it comes to service, I give people the benefit of the doubt too much. I've actually never even sought out posting bad reviews for products or services, but this situation was necessary for prospective customers to read about to make an educated decision. In my opinion, running a business is a multi-faceted task - one that requires producing a good product/service (in which the actual cleaners did a good job) but also one that requires a level of customer service. It was not too much to ask of her to give me the level of service discussed.


That is very shocking. I have been a loyal customer of The Maids for over a year now, and Rica’s is one of the most diligent person when it comes to managing cleans.

It is unfortunate that your sister had to pay a higher amount than what you bought for her, but I can assume there can only have been due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, because I have never been faced with a situation in which I had to pay extra money on top of what I was told in my consultation. She’s even been very flexible with scheduling if I needed to shift a clean to a later or an earlier date. The maids do a very professional job throughout the house and perform a thorough cleaning each time, something I noticed you have not mentioned anything about the clean itself. Have they at least rejuvenated your house like they do with mine at the very least?

Please reconsider The Maids despite one negative experience. People can have bad days every now and then, but I can vouch for the fact that at the very least, their cleans are worth while.

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