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Overcharge for poor service, quoted at much lower rate.

My real estate agent contacted The Maids and told me they (The Maids) would charge approx $200 to clean an EMPTY house (it's less than 1100 sq ft). I said ok; I live three hours away. Received bill for nearly $350!! Agent had been verbally told if it exceeded amount, they would make contact. The Maids did not contact her or me!

I told real estate agent I had a real problem with the price they charged. She contacted them. In lieu of lowering price, they supposedly went and re-cleaned it (still not well done). Then I received a phone message from The Maids that went something like this:

"Carrie (agent) said you had questions about the service performed. We'll re-clean, but I DOUBT we'll lower the price!"

I called and left a message (due to it being after hours when I phoned them back this same day they called-today) and stated I do NOT want it cleaned again- I was not happy with the firs two times it's been cleaned!

I have filed an additional complaint today with their corporate office- I await what they'll say!

Review about: The Maids Cleaning Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I originally wrote this when I was quite upset after being told by the company that they (The Maids) DOUBTED they'd lower the price! The issue has since been resolved by another person at this business (manager/owner??).

He has agreed to only charge me $200.

I am very grateful for this. Advice to anyone interested: get your quote in writing.

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