The Maids in Albany & Salem Oregon, (541) 926-9277, (503) 371-8193, leave the venetian blinds twisted, in disarray, not closed. Don't take care of leather furniture - repeatedly have jammed a soft leather bench/chaise against the corner of the piano or the corner of other nearby furniture, woodwork.

Leave window blinds open that are supposed to be closed, Jam furniture against the screen door and leave the toilet seats up. This is no lie. Can anybody believe this?? We have tried to work with the management.

We have spoken with them on several occasions. We have even stayed home to train the employees.

The above complaints - with exception of jamming outdoor furniture against the screen door - have been reported to management numerous time. Do Not Do Business With The Maids in the Albany, Oregon or Salem, Oregon area.

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Jealous much? Why go to a restaurant, just cook the meal yourself!


:grin So instead of using a maid why don't you do the work yourself!


That is definitely not the way to treat your honored customers. I would suggest you try Let It Shine Cleaning Company.

They have been around for 20 years and are so personable. They will do it your way. You would never have to babysit them!

Check out their website. www.letitshinecleaning.com

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