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I called The Maids and they asked me about the house and the rooms to be cleaned etc and gave me an estimate of 1.45 to 2 hours at $160/hour to come and clean. I agreed and the date was set.

When they arrived they immediately, before even viewing the house, handed me a document to sign indicating that it would be 2-3 hours for the service. I called for a 'boss' and got no return call. A manager stopped by later and said that the estimate was under bid and 'I think they do that just to book the business.' I was told that it would be 3 hours and maybe more, but they were already well underway and I really didn't know how to say 'stop and leave.'

The house is clean and they did a nice job, BUT.

The estimate was no more than $320 probably, the bill was $519.60.

Quick math says they lied by a factor of 160%. BEWARE!

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Unfirth McChuggin

I get illegal Mexican girls to clean my house for free - just by telling them that I will have them deported unless they clean my house and give me some serious sucky-sucky... Look into it!

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