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My experience with the maids started off kind of surreal. They offered to clean floors by hand and change the beds...scrub all the dirt and make it pretty for up to $299 for the initial cleaning. Okay, for my place that seemed steep...I have a 2 bed/2.5 bath condo, but only wanted the downstairs and 1 bed/1.5 bath cleaned along with the living room and kitchen.

I scheduled the cleaning because I had company coming in after I had been traveling for 6 days. I came in, after 11:00 p.m. to the "main level" looking pretty clean, but the stairs leading up were covered in fan dust. I quickly ushered my guest into the living room, set up a drink and went to investigate my upstairs which was untouched. I CLEANED LIKE A BANSHEE - nothing like a professional and there was no vacuuming, but i did my best to present some order.

When I called the next morning and asked what they thought my order was for, the person on the line said my order stipulated "main floor only and vacuum the stais leading down"...I was shocked...down to where??? the basement???? WHY??? Who would do Also, they vacuumed the stairs leading to my basement - which has 3 locks on it and I was clear that the basement and one spare bedroom and bath were not to be included.

They offered to have someone come out and clean the rooms with only "A Minimal Additional Charge - $41 per person/per hour (ATL metro rate) and they work in 4 person teams!!!!!...since those rooms were not on the original order...which they got wrong. I was so furious, I said I would call back.

Well two weeks later after chatting with a friend, she suggested that maybe they confused my order with some else since "main floor" is not a term I would use and I decided, let's give them another go as I need regular cleaning. Thought all was well until Leslie called back to say there would be a charge for the time they spent in the "uncleaned" areas on top of the other. $41 per person/per hour. I am not crazy. They got the order wrong and I should have to pay and pay? No.

I tried to explain to her that I was not willing to spend 600 in one month to have my 1.5 bed/bath condo cleaned 2X. No one would and she could just cancel me.

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I thought I was helping my wife out when I ordered maid service for a rental house where the tenant had been evicted. I contacted "The Maids-Atlanta" and arranged for service.

They offered a coupon in the Value Pak that comes in the mail. I was quoted the price of $330 and the $30 coupon would bring it down to $300. Boy was I wrong. The night before, I received an email from the owner and it stated the price would be from $300-$485.

I emailed back questioning the amount but did not receive a reply. The house was completely empty and all of the garbage had been removed and it was swept. They came to the house "on time" and the crew of 4 walked with us thru the house. When we prearranged for service we asked that they clean the frigerator, stove and cooktop (we threw away the drip pans).

I was even told when we made the appt. to run the self cleaning oven so they could wipe it out. We mentioned to the ladies at the house about the appliances. They said that would cost extra.

I said to clean the frig., stovetop, wipe out oven and microwave. A lot of things they just said "we don't do that." I told them to not clean the baseboards and focus on the hardwood floors (5 small/medium rooms & 1 hallway) and 3 baths (only 1 tub/2 showers) and wipe the cabinets inside and out. They said that it was going to be around $480. I said I wanted the price to not go over $400.

I said I would be back in around 3 hours and I got a call in 2 1/4 hours saying they were finished and ready. The price was going to be $432 less the $30 coupon. They said they mopped the floor 4 times...and did not have time for the cabinets. The price would have been more with the cabinets.

We left when they left because it looked ok. We went to the house the next day and looked over the floors. When you walked on the hardwoods and laminate floors..your feet were black. The floors in the bathroom had splatters that were not cleaned.

I needed to show the house. I had to hire someone to come and clean the floor and cabinets. There was a large yellow circle on the refrigerator that would not come off for the maids. The 2nd lady used a magic eraser and a little muscle and it is gone.

I sent in my review to the email on the review card and Leslie called the second day. She said she would have sent a crew out to make it right. My wife stated it should have been cleaned correctly the first time. All Leslie said was I wish you would have let us come back out and fix it.

That was all she offered. The 2nd lady cleaned the floors, frig.

and cabinets in less time for less money. I would not recommend or use "The Maids" again.


I am just a little confused as to why you are complaining. you said, quote:"but only wanted the downstairs and 1 bed/1.5 bath cleaned along with the living room and kitchen." Sounds like they did exactly what you wanted.....


i'm glad i read your message about your experience with "the maids". they don't realize they are in the field of "service".

they treat customers like ***. If they can't do their job with joy, then don't, quit! But if you have a company that provides a service, Have Pride! Pride in the work you do.

They think its okay to up prices and rip people off. All ethics have gone out the window here!

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